Herd Immunity Explained

If you have paid even the slightest bit of attention when it comes to vaccines, then you have heard the phrase, “herd immunity”. Many people say this is why everyone needs to get vaccinated: to protect the immunocompromised within the herd! Herd = our population, by the way. Others believe herd immunity is actually a myth Big Pharma uses as a marketing strategy to guilt people into vaccinating. So, which is it? Fact or fiction? Can it be…both? Just like this coronavirus pandemic could be both a serious virus AND part of a manmade conspiracy plan of sorts? Sorry! Not here to discuss Corona…focusing…let’s discuss where this concept came from, what it means, and dig into some solid resources about the good ole herd immunity.

Where did the concept of herd immunity come from?

From my reading, it seems that herd immunity originated in 1923. Men by the names of Topley and Wilson conducted a rather small and rudimentary experiment with mice looking at...

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