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Who Am I?

My name is Peyton, a Family Nutritionist and Health Coach. Every time I ask a mother what the one thing she would like to change about her health is, you know what 99% of them say?


We could all use more energy throughout the day. And it doesn't seem to matter what diagnosis or symptoms someone has, lack of energy almost always accompanies all of them.

I πŸ‘ have πŸ‘ been πŸ‘ there!

After my first son was born, I was riddled with anxiety due to orthorexia (the obsession with health to the point of becoming unhealthy), wasting away on a vegan diet, and had symptoms like exhaustion, hair falling out in clumps, poor skin, and overall weakness.

It wasn't until I really learned to let go of the insane idea of perfect health, found Functional Medicine, discovered mineral balancing, and nervous system regulation, that I found ROOT solutions to root causes to my symptoms.

I love uncovering hidden causes and getting to the root of WHY you feel the way you do. I want to help you turn that sluggish and desperate need for 2 cups of coffee to get through the day into the energy you need to be the woman, wife, and/or mother you want to be. It doesn't matter if you struggle with:


-difficult losing weight

-thyroid issues


-hormonal imbalance

-unexplained symptoms

No matter what - I want to be your personal health sleuth that will hunt for the root causes of your symptoms, come up with your personalized plan of attack, and be alongside you as you implement what your body personally needs to get better.

Best part? I operate from a Christian perspective and ultimately believe that God is the Healer. It's quite stress-relieving to know we are not in control, honestly. This doesn't mean we don't try to physically improve, but it really takes the stress out of healing when we know that we don't have to rely on our own limited human strength. Perfect health is not the goal (since it's unattainable while on earth). If you have any questions or want to get to know me a bit better before deciding on working with me, please don't hesitate toΒ contact meΒ with any questions!



P.S. I have a background as a pediatric nurse and look forward to not only navigating with you in your health journey, but your whole family's!


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