That MTHFR Gene: The Basics

You may have heard of this gene before, but have no flippin’ clue what it is! That’s ok - depending on how detailed you want to get, it can become a VERY complex and unnecessary rabbit hole! Because of this, I’m going to break this down into several blog posts, that way we can keep with the goal of Loving Health LLC in keeping health simple. Part 1 - let’s just talk about what MTHFR is, and this whole gene mutation ordeal.

Number one thing before we go any further: Dr. Ben Lynch is the ultimate expert when it comes to genetic variations! If you want to dive deeper than what you read here, start with his website or book, Dirty Genes.

MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, and it is a gene that produces an enzyme, both referred to as MTHFR (thank you great scientists for that confusion). This enzyme stimulates a process called methylation. Dr. Lynch states in Dirty Genes that methylating is “a key process that facilitates at least two...

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