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I help moms get to the root cause of their symptoms, so they can go from just surviving to thriving with the energy needed to be the woman God has called them to be.

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Hey, I'm Pey!

This face perfectly describes how I felt when I was in the trenches of orthorexia (anxious obsession with health to the point of being unhealthy), a vegan diet, wondering what the heck was even healthy any more, and not knowing what to do about my exhaustion, balls of hair falling out, poor skin, and all after having my first son 🙃. Talk about a ROUGH postpartum!

I don't want you to look or feel like this! After getting my health together, by the grace of God, taking my nursing background, and venturing into helping other women get to the root caus(es) of their symptoms with ROOT SOLUTIONS, I am confident health can happen for you too.

I do work 1:1 with women and their families, but I just want to put it out there right away, that you don't have to wait for availability. You can get started learning what I have learned over the years of being bombarded in the health & wellness space without the stress! Even better yet, my no-wait offer comes with a personal touch of a special test (HTMA). Learn how you can get started TODAY going from just barely surviving each day from exhaustion to thriving with energy needed to be the woman God has called you to be!

Surviving to Thriving - I want that!

"Words can’t even express how thankful I am to Peyton! I reached out to her with concerns regarding some blood work and she took the time to research further into possible conditions that could have resulted in my abnormal results. When my primary physician did not give me much information outside of a follow up in the next three months, Peyton gave me so much more in just a short consultation then I have received in an hour session with a doctor in person. Her knowledge, ability to think outside of the box and understand symptoms as well as just listening to the patient, is what sets her apart. I am so thankful for her!"


"I loved talking with Peyton! She looked at the lab work my doctor said was all normal and knew what I was struggling with. She knew exactly what I was dealing with and gave me very practical advice on how I could improve and begin feeling better. She was very easy to talk to and share with. I love how she explained exactly how my body’s processes were being affected and ways to support them, without just taking a bunch of supplements for the rest of my life."

Comprehensive Health Assessment

"My initial coaching session with Peyton went even better than I expected! She is a wealth of information and I'm so glad I took this step towards better health! She is extremely knowledgeable, a great listener, and made getting started not seem so overwhelming. The online evaluation process was straightforward and not too time consuming. What she did with that information, to include looking at my lab work, just boosted my confidence in her abilities to address my specific health concerns, as opposed to the usual cookie cutter approach. I highly recommend to anyone considering a coaching session with Peyton, to do it sooner rather than later, for the health of it! It is worth it! You are worth it!"

Comprehensive Health Assessment

"I feel so blessed to have found Peyton! She truly listens and cares and after just one session with her I began to see improvement in my daughters health!"

Comprehensive Health Assessment

"Thank you so much for our Q&A! I learned so much and it was a refreshing break to chat with another like-minded Mom!"

Q&A with Pey

"The Q&A session with Peyton fully exceeded my expectations! She is so knowledgeable about such a variety of subjects. I got all my questions answered and more. I feel confident in the decisions I’m making about my health now. I didn’t need a full health assessment, just needed some clarification on a few things and this session was perfect for that."

Q&A with Pey

"What really made an impression about my session with Peyton was her compassion and ability to make you feel at ease right away. She is very generous with her wealth of knowledge and offers amazing support that leaves you feeling encouraged. I felt as if a big load was lifted off my shoulders after our time. She understood where I was coming from, was gracious and didn't set any unrealistic goals that made you feel overwhelmed. Peyton takes the time to answer all the questions and help along the way after the session too. So much appreciation for her and her work."

Comprehensive Health Assessment

"I did a comprehensive health session with Peyton. It was so informative and helpful! Everything that Peyton said made sense. I felt like she was really listening to me and my story. I have already started implementing some of her suggestions and finally know I am on the right path. I am so excited to continue and keep learning from her."

Comprehensive Health Assessment

***There are affiliate links throughout this website. I only partner with companies through affiliation that produce high quality products that I and my family personally use and love. I do receive a small commission when purchases are made through the affiliate links throughout this site. Thank you for your continued support of Loving Health LLC, so I can continue to help other women raise healthy families in healthy homes, doing my part to create a healthy world!***

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