Do We Really Need Vitamins & Supplements?

Well, it depends…how’s your diet? Genetics? Do you have any unresolved symptoms or diagnoses?

I know, I know…you most likely just want me to say, “Oh! Just take A, B, & C, and you will always feel your absolute best!” Boom. Done. You’re welcome.

Except not. That’s not exactly how this whole Functional Medicine thing works. It’s ALL about personalized plans. And personalized means based on your stage of life, past medical history, genetics, symptoms, diet, and lab work. So, as frustrating as this may be for you to read, let it also be an encouragement that you may not need those 30 supplements your favorite influencer says they can’t live without.

Generally speaking, it is much better to get your vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals from your food, but depending on your diet, where you get your food, and your genetic makeup - you may need a little help. While supplements (referring to vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients...

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