Surviving to Thriving in Motherhood‚ĄĘ¬†


Regain your energy and escape survival mode by identifying and addressing the root cause of your fatigue.


(Hint: fatigue comes from more than just waking up with the kids at night!)




Do you feel like you NEED a nap every day?


Do you want to make nourishing meals for your family, but don't have the energy?


Do your kids want to play with you, but you're too exhausted to get off the couch?


Are you so frustrated with the little to no improvement in your health that you just want to pull your hair out?!

Have you wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars, taken every kind of pill, tried too many diets, and are just DONE?

I get it! That was me.

Completely overwhelmed with all the diets and supplements being thrown at me, still feeling completely exhausted with no hope of ever feeling better.


Show me the HOW!

If you're ready to...

  • Leave the need for a daily nap in the past
  • Know YOUR body's SPECIFIC needs based on testing (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)
  • Get ideas for meals & supplements for your kids & have the energy to actually follow through
  • Not have to break the bank¬†for the sake of health
  • Simply have the energy to be the woman, wife, or mother you've wanted to be
Then let's do this!

Surviving to Thriving in Motherhood‚ĄĘ

A course with a personalized twist that helps you get to the root cause of your fatigue, so you can have the energy needed to be the woman and mom you desire to be.



During this self-paced course, SOME of the things you will learn include:

  • How to know what to believe when it comes to health, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by information
  • A solid foundation of nutrition basics to support both you and your family, so you can know¬†how to nourish yourself well enough to stop needing those naps
  • Basics of how to interpret your own Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, so you can take your health into your own hands
  • Supplements I do NOT recommend for you and your kids, so you stop wasting money
  • How to take the stress out of health and actually have FUN
  • SO much more fun one-off interviews with experts in the alternative health space that will continuously be added to


Meet the Teacher


Hey! I'm Peyton, but my friends call me Pey. I am a cop wife, boy mom x3, and believer in the one true living God. While that's great to get to know me a little, here's how I can help with your health. My background is in pediatric nursing, but God has blossomed that into a passion for family nutrition and health. Not only am I an RN, but also a Certified Nutritionist, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.


With all of this,


I help women get out of the trenches of survival mode, bogged down by unexplained symptoms to thriving with energy, health, and the motivation to live out each day glorifying God as they were created to do.

I'm sure you're now thinking of the fortune this will cost you...

  • A personalized interpretation of your testing (over $200 alone)
  • Course with hours of education and continuing to be updated and added to ($350 value)¬†
  • Access to 1-hour Group Coaching Calls with me (usually $187)
  • Messaging support regarding the course or testing ($40/month value)

Totaling well over $800...


Here’s what you get when you join today:

  • lifetime access to my course & community, so you never have to go through it alone
  • access to group¬†calls with me where you can ask me your questions
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test Kit to get a personalized interpretation of a potential root cause of your symptoms
  • screen recording going over your personal HTMA results
  • messaging support with the Loving Health team - again, you never have to walk this journey alone
  • option for¬†1:1 coaching & further testing for those that want a more specified and supported approach

But I want this to be accessible to as many women as possible!



Surviving to Thriving in Motherhood‚ĄĘ

Course, Community, HTMA, + Results for


 *options to add-on other testing + 1:1 coaching



Got questions?


I've done all the wrong ways to show you the right way!


I've already chased symptoms, whether it was my own or with clients. I have explored the EXHAUSTING way of guessing your way through health.


Let me tell you, trial & error isn't worth it.


I understand that we all have a budget and usually don't want to (or can't) pay for all the testing we want. Can I tell you a secret though? By the end of a year of working with me, when I allowed no testing with clients, the client would end up spending all the money on tests anyway after we both got frustrated with making very little or no progress in their health. We tried to "save money," by foregoing testing, but just ended up wasting time, spending the money on testing anyway, and both ended up with a lot of frustration.




We can save ourselves the trouble and just START with the data. Do I wish we all could do genetic testing, HTMAs, labs, GI-MAPs, DUTCH tests, OAT test, ALL the tests? Absolutely!


But let me tell ya - I get that budgeting life. We simply can't most of the time unless we have deliberately saved for it. That's why I've determined (through a lot of trial and error) what information can give us the most bang for your buck. It's time to STOP GUESSING, time to test, personalize, and actually move forward in your health!


Ready to Start!